So, I have come to realize on this journey that people will try you.  Some will try you just to discourage you.  But, it's important to remember that oftentimes when people act ill, rude, or mean that it's a spirit working through them. 

It's important to safeguard your thoughts, your heart, and your dreams.  If it appears you can be broken by destroying your character.  Someone will try to do it.  If it seems you will break easily by being misled.  Well, expect that to happen too.  Ultimately, anything that you love, cherish, and look to build within your life  just understand that you need to be on guard 24-7!  Someone is going to come your way to either try to take it from you or make you believe you're not able to obtain it.  Trust!

Who are these people you may wonder?  I refer to them as vibe killers, dream stealers, and bottom line"Haters"!  The quicker you can recognize a Hater, the better off you are.  Hateration can stem from jealousy, envy, or simply low self esteem.  People look at what I do everyday and wonder how do I stay so positive.  How can I have such faith?  Why don't I get discouraged when things take longer than anticipated? Or, when a rainy day occurs and my pesos don't stretch as long as I'd like them to, how can I still have a smile on my face?  My answer is simple.  I have the utmost faith in God! 

I experienced death first hand.  Therefore, I'll be the first to tell you ALL of these earthly possessions are temporary and you can't take any of them with you.  Therefore, I don't put my faith, trust, or belief in man.  I only place my trust in God.  I know at that end of the day he'll make a way.  He always does.  Whatever I'm going through, it's only temporary. And, it's not over until he says it's over!

Just recently someone tried to shoot down my dream.  Am I surprised? No.  The enemy's goal is to try to make us give up.  I've learned we have to be on our P's and Q's at all time. Believe in God and believe in yourself. Pray for your Haters.  The real reason Haters hate is because they are not at peace with themselves.  They lack faith.  And, they stay in a constant state of uncertainty and/or turmoil.  Remember: hurt people, hurt people. (Yeah that's true).  That's why they're coming for you.   Some people envy that light shining in you. But, don't let their malicious words steal your joy.  Pray for their healing and pray for your breakthrough.  Live passionately.  Love passionately.  And, never give up!  When someone tell you that you won't be able to do something, work that much harder to prove them wrong.  With God on your side you will never fail.  Just remember with man it is impossible.  But, not with God.  For with God, ALL things are possible!

Be blessed!

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