I know I am not the only one faced with this challenge.  We all set New Year's Resolutions.  We even set day to day goals.  I find myself going hard in the paint initially; not missing a beat.  Then slowly yet surely, the winds will change and I'm back in the murky waters of inconsistency.

It's something I'm slowly trying to overcome.  Just like I have the most difficult time not cursing.  I don't know why I like some of the colorful less lady like words.  But, I do.  I'm not perfect.  And, sometimes those are just the words that effectively get your point across.  Then, I remember my experience and I feel like I have to live this straight and narrow path.  It can be so hard sometimes.  Partying, clubbing, and being care free was so much easier.  It took way less thought.  But, it added way more heartache, embarrassing, and compromising moments.  I'm sure some of you can relate on some level.

So here we are.  Yep.  And, I'm trying to be way more consistent.  Some days are better than others.  And, other days just well....  are. 
Every year I feel like something major is going to happen.  To a certain degree, it always does.  Maybe not like I expected.  But, some unexplained event comes into play.  

Well, I'm looking forward to more consistency.  I've already started volunteering a little more.  I've tried working on my anger issues.  And, I'm getting fuzzy feelings from it all.  Cursing is going to be a hard one to erase completely.  I can only try.  Then, I like to remind myself that Peter in the bible used to curse and he was still a Disciple.  A work in progress is what I am.

Until next time.......consistency is key. 

Peach and blessing.  (I meant to type peace but a typo kicked in.  Then, when I actually thought about it, it looked pretty funny written as peach).  :)

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